Who we are

Mark Frater, President:

Mark Frater, MBA, BIE:
Mark Frater is President of LeanFirm, Inc., a specialized consulting firm helping government organizations significantly improve productivity, quality and morale. Since 2003, he has managed process improvement projects for a variety of city, county, court and public housing authority clients throughout the United States. His efforts to eliminate non-value added activities have resulted in millions of dollars in cost-reductions, dramatically improved customer services, and improved employee communication and job satisfaction.

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Mark’s consulting experience includes leading Lean and Six Sigma studies to continually eliminate non-value added activities and variation in business processes. Mark helps his clients develop financial and operational models to quantify results, predict the effects of process changes, and identify areas for further cost reduction.

Mark has a MBA as well as a BS in Industrial Engineering from Cleveland State University. He is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, a LeanFirm Training instructor, and fluent in Kaizen principals. Mark has published articles for the Association of Corporate Council, NAHRO Journal of Housing and Community Development and the Center for Community Progress. Mark is also a featured speaker at several government industry conferences.

Jean Frater, Associate:

Jean Frater, MFA, BS:
Jean brings a diverse background of experience to LeanFirm, with a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and Critical Thinking, and a Masters in Fine Art; Jean's approach is both critical and creative. Jean specializes in the visualization of data. She uses her background in the visual arts, to transform and simplify essential data, and is able to present information, so that managers and executives are able to recieve vital information at a glance. Jean's skills provide clients with the ability to find time and cost-efficient solutions that maximize return on employee investment. Jean has successfully assisted our clients, over the past ten years, with numerous assessments, process mapping and strategic planning initiatives.


LeanFirm has formed partnerships with other consultants with subject expertise in government operations, information technology, finance and human resources