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Our typical engagements include:

Operational Assessment

Strategic Implementation

Measurable Results


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LeanFirm helps government organizations significantly improve the speed and quality of services at a reduced cost.

Operational Assessment:
A LeanFirm Assessment assists leaders in identifying areas of improvement in their current operating environment of the organization.
A comprehensive assessment is begun by first meeting with the management team, setting a vision, defining a scope and outlining goals. At the end of the assessment, management will have a clear action plan on how to implement the recommendations.
In order to gather as much information about the organization as possible, LeanFirm targets all aspects, departments and levels of work, within the organization. By conducting interviews with key employees, LeanFirm achieves a valuable non-biased perspective. A variety of analyses supplement the interviews, such as value-stream analysis, data analysis, work-study, time and motion studies. Often times it is this hard data which is used as support for many of the desires of change expressed by both leaders and employees. An assessment report, which includes detailed support, describing the observations, recommendations, projected future outcomes and savings is presented at the end of the assessment period.

Strategic Implementation:
Even the most clear, statistically sound assessment will fail if an action plan is not followed and change is not managed. Working in conjunction with the organization, LeanFirm helps lead the strategic execution that will turn recommendations into results.
LeanFirm will lead Kaizen events, with agency teams, to rapidly implement change in the organization. Cross-functional teams are assembled who actively work towards finding creative solutions that will be understood and accepted throughout the agency. Plans developed with employee involvement have a far greater chance of succeeding, have more significant impact on the organization and are far more likely to continue improving results over time.
LeanFirm will manage the project and meet with each team to ensure that the changes are being implemented and will be sustained. Gantt Charts and Project timelines will be kept up to date and used as a communication tool to report progress.

Measurable Results:
Once we have an agreed upon action plan then we work aggressively toward understanding the key drivers of success for achieving the desired outcomes. The LeanFirm works with the agency to develop “scorecards” that are generated daily or weekly, and contain all vital statistics/key drivers for achieving high performance. These one-page reports allows the agency to speak with data and measure results quickly. The LeanFirm maintains regular reporting and communications with the client management including monthly reports related to the tasks identified in the assessment proposal and associated costs reductions.